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Our Albums 

Kiley & Company has recorded three duo albums so far that are available for sale. These three duo CD's, "Live in the Studio", "Looking Back" and "Songs of Yesterday" are available for purchase along with Kiley's first album, 'Where I Belong' and Blaine's album 'Pickin' and Steelin' With My Friends". 


Kiley & Company

"Looking Back"

Looking Back"' is our second duo album recorded to capture a more perfected version of our live performances. This album was recorded in December of 2021. There are 10 songs included on this album that include several of our favorite songs, as well as a remastered version of

 Kiley and Blaine's first co-written original song called "Sweetness".  

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Kiley & Company

"Songs of Yesterday"

"Songs of Yesterday" is Kiley & Company's third duo album! This album was recorded in December of 2022 and is our

most recent album recorded to date. This album was designed with the theme of fall and includes 9 songs in total.

This title track to this album is a brand new original song that was co-written by Kiley and Blaine.   


Where I Belong

Kiley Barwick

Kiley's first album, 'Where I Belong' was recorded in 2015.  This album covers many Classic Country songs by several well known artists, but it also includes two songs written by Kiley and Blaine. Track number 7, titled 'Sweetness', is a song written by Blaine that he played as an instrumental for many many years. One day, Blaine asked Kiley to write some lyrics to the song and to her surprise, she was able to come up with something that they both liked! The last track on the album, "Where I Belong' was a song written by Kiley during her second year of college and with Blaine's help instrumentally, the song was brought to life. 

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Kiley & Company

"Live in the Studio"

Our first duo album, 'Kiley & Company "Live in the Studio"' was recorded in December of 2019. We wanted to create an album showcasing the sound and feel of our live performances while providing a studio quality recording. This album is just what we were hoping for and more! 

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Pickin' and Steelin' With My Friends

Blaine Garrelts

Blaine had been asked to record his music by several of his friends on their albums in the past, but he had never recorded one of his very own. In 2016, Blaine decided to change that and recorded 'Pickin' and Steelin' with My Friends' to showcase his four-piece band 'Diamonds and Dust'. This album is filled with good ole' classic country music; steel guitar and all!

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